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From: (Christian Lynbech)
Subject: Re: HELP: music for cl, vi, vlc, pi
Date: 14 May 1996 10:35:43 +0200
Organization: DAIMI, Computer Science Dept. of Aarhus Univ.
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>>>>> "David" == David DeLaney <> writes:

>>>>> "Alan" == (Alan Bostick) writes:

Alan> vi doesn't play music.

David> Sure it does.

In fact, vi has a special mode just for music. If you are not in
insert mode, you are in `beep' mode: whatever you press produces a
beep. In the best tradition of vi, there is of course just one note
(you know: small is beautiful) but this is just one of those reasons
why vi hackers love vi.

If you need anything beyond that, just start a small utility called X
and use the xset program to manipulate the bell frequency (you will
need suitable programmable audio hardware of course). No need to
clutter the vi executable with anything that can be provided by
combining separate tools.

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