The Church of Emacs

Which Editor Should I Worship?

It has been written, that on the day of the Great Editor War, the
peace is shattered by an unprovoked attack by nvi on Emacs. Emacs
strikes back, sending viper out to annihilate vile, while repelling
the continued attacks from nvi without sweat, until XEmacs and jed
join forces in another attack on Emacs. Emacs is crushed, but XEmacs
is seriously wounded in the battle, and unable to defend itself when
Crisp, XCoral, and nedit all attacks at the same time. Meanwhile, jed,
although less severely harmed from the battle, find itself facing a
formidable opposition in the form of ĀµEmacs, mg, joe, freemacs, and
notGNU, who all join the battle now. nvi, now with perl as an
extension language, tries to claim the now vacant title as The Mother
of All Editors, but is immediately attacked by vim, elvis, sam, and
wily.  The battle continues, drawing in more and more editors, even
obscure presumed dead editors like xedit, teco, and tpu/edt, until
finally a single survivor emerges, pico, which has meanwhile been
bought by Bill Gates, renamed to MS Edit, and stripped for all the
advanced features that just confused the users.

So the answer, my friend, is to learn pico now and get rich on
consulting once MS Edit becomes the accepted industry standard.

Author: Per Abrahamsen (

Modification date: 2013-01-04

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